Another dimension to your home:

Imagine adding another dimension to your home, creating a space where you and your family can relax, have fun, keep fit and entertain. Be it indoor or outdoor, a private swimming pool from Origin does just that.

Why Origin:

At Origin we believe that a successful project requires all the specialist areas to be integrated into a consolidated design from the start of the process. Designing and building a swimming pool and pool house is quite unlike any other building project. Indoor swimming pools consist of three major areas that require specialist design; the pool chamber/plant, the building structure and management of the environment (heating, dehumidification and ventilation). Origin’s experienced team manage the entire installation process from initial design to completion, and beyond. We eliminate the need for you to employ and manage separate companies for each element of the build, removing the potential risks, duplications and headache of liaising between architects, engineers and builders. Simply put, we do it all and we keep you informed at every stage so you can relax and take a step back, secure in the knowledge that our experts will all be working together to the same brief from the start.