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Indoor swimmign pool with bifold doors letting in sunligt

Fulfilling a lifelong dream

Having an at-home swimming pool was a lifelong dream for the Williams family. Previously to finding Origin, they had discussed different ideas but didn’t have any clear visions for the design or style of their dream swimming pool, however, one thing was clear Origin was the company that could bring their fantasy to life.

Along came Origin

Along came Origin

When the Hamiltons first decided to move they made a list of their priorities and an indoor swimming pool was at the top of the list. Originally, the Hamiltons were looking for a house with an existing swimming pool but ended up falling in love with a house without one.

An Origin pool transformed our home

Robert and Fiona Smith had been considering investing in an indoor swimming pool for quite some time before finally taking the plunge. Having lived abroad for parts of their lives, the Smiths had grown accustomed to using outdoor pools but were aware of the challenges of having one in a colder climate.

Indoor pool with bifold doors

Outdoor swimming to an indoor pool - an investment worth making

When the Baker family initially approached Origin, they were interested in covering an existing outdoor pool. The family had been in discussion for some time, deciding whether or not the outdoor pool was worthy of undertaking as a project.

pool to overcome every challenge

An Origin pool to overcome every challenge

Debbie and Mark had always been keen swimmers and when Debbie was recovering from cancer, swimming was the one activity recommended by doctors as water supports overall body weight and gives a full workout without too much strain on the joints and bones.

Debbie and Mark knew they wanted something they could enjoy all year round and be an enhancement on the leisure facilities afforded to them by their garden and views in the summer.

Transform outdoor pool

Transform your existing outdoor pool with Origin

Paul and Rebecca Jones moved into their family home 12 years ago with dreams of restoring the house and giving the landscaping a new lease of life. There was an existing outdoor swimming pool when they moved in which was ideal for the family as Paul is a keen swimmer, so much so they increased the size of the existing pool to 25 metres long to enable Paul to swim laps. However, the family quickly realised the pool didn’t get any use at all during the colder months and the decision was made to convert their existing outdoor pool into an indoor pool so they could enjoy the benefits of swimming all year round.

Sustainable Swimming

Sustainable Swimming

When the Simmons family first approached Origin they knew they wanted an outdoor swimming pool which could fit straight into their lifestyle. As a family with young children who love the water, Kirsty and Matt didn’t hesitate to contact Origin when the time was right. The need for a company with a reputation of high quality finished works is what ultimately led to them to choosing Origin. The Simmons family offered the chance of an outdoor pool project with a difference; renewable energy.

Case study

Our Own Oasis

When Origin were approached by David and Sarah Thompson, it was clear they had already done their research. While house hunting in order to be closer to their grandchildren, the Thompsons has decided that a pool would be a great addition to their new home and had been looking for properties with already existing pools and pool houses. However after viewing multiple houses, it became apparent that the only way they could make sure they were getting the house and swimming pool of their dreams was to buy the house with the land they wanted and build their indoor swimming pool from scratch.

Case study

An indoor pool for everyone

A brilliantly sociable living situation led Sarah and Anthony White to contact Origin to finally build the swimming pool they had always wanted. The Whites had purchased two neighbouring houses and knocked down the garden barriers between them, it was clear all that was missing from this otherwise ideal set-up was a bespoke pool for them all to enjoy.

Case study

A Place To Escape For The Whole Family

Katie and Jack had always loved swimming so when they had their first child it was important to them that he was a confident swimmer from a young age. Luckily Matthew shared his parents’ passion for the water, enjoying regular trips to the local pool as a baby. However, after a number of health and safetyconcerns during the winter months, Katie and Jack decided to leave public swimming pools behind in favour of the home pool they had always dreamed of.

Pool Designs

Grander Designs

Mike and Heather Lawson had an outdoor swimming pool for almost 40 years and although they had dreamed of upgrading to an indoor pool, it wasn’t until the arrival of their grandchildren that they decided to go for it. The Lawson’s knew what they wanted from the start, a child-friendly indoor swimming pool and a construction company that would put safety as the highest priority.


Enhancing The Home With An Indoor Pool

Paul and Jane Green had always wanted an indoor pool, a dream that was made possible when they moved to a new home and finally had the space to extend. It was a big decision to make so the Greens thought about it long and hard and even visited friends who already had home swimming pools for further inspiration. Paul also found inspiration at work, where he is involved in high-end property.

Case study

A Swimming Pool Fit For A Historical Home

Peter and Christine moved to their former manor farmhouse in Buckinghamshire ten years ago, with hopes of restoring the historic property and gardens. The listed three-storey home and outbuildings were all in a conservation area, with parts of the property dating back to the 14th century.

Case study

Creating a Home Sanctuary

When Suzanne and Graeme embarked on their search for the perfect home to retire in, they had more than just a dream house in mind. As avid water overs, they were driven by the desire to have their very own swimming pool after living beside a lake for many years.

Case study

A True Pool Passion Project

For Sarah Taylor, the vision of having her very own swimming pool was sparked during her holidays in the South of France. She knew that she wanted to incorporate this luxury feature into her future home and so when Sarah relocated to three years ago, she embarked on a mission to find a house with a spacious garden that could accommodate her dream pool. 

Case study

Our vision brought to life

The Venable family met with the team at Origin for an initial discussion of ideas and their wants and needs for their indoor swimming pool. They wanted a space that could bring together the whole family and have something to offer everyone, space to relax and have fun with a pool long enough to swim laps.

Case study

Origin Took Care Of It All

When the Burchfield family decided that their family life and their home would benefit enormously from having a pool house they investigated the subject thoroughly. Some friends had invested in an Origin indoor pool, and were very happy with the result.

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