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Changing Rooms
You do not have to have a changing room but it forms a very useful part of any swimming pool, whether indoor or outdoor.

We have the knowledge to provide you with a lasting facility and we can offer the style and quality of sanitary equipment that suits your needs, from a simple minimum to a comprehensive disabled person’s suite.

Saunas & Steam Rooms
Complement your new pool with a traditional sauna or steam room. Here you can relax your body and mind and unwind with family or friends

The addition of a spa to your indoor or outdoor swimming pool really adds a social dimension.

What better way is there to while away some time in comfort and warmth, without all that energetic swimming or treading water?

Swim Jets
Swim jets or counter-current units provide a vigorous exercise opportunity, particularly for smaller pools.

Fully adjustable, they sit very neatly and discreetly in the wall of the pool.

We have created numerous gymnasiums to the highest standard. The addition of a gym allows you to workout anytime of the day within a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere.

If you're not a 'working out' person then relax and have a drink with friends and family at your very own bar.

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