Our Own Oasis

When Origin were approached by David and Sarah Thompson, it was clear they had already done their research. While house hunting in order to be closer to their grandchildren, the Thompsons decided that a pool would be a great addition to their new home and had been looking for houses with existing pools and pool houses. However after viewing multiple properties, it became apparent that the only way they could make sure they were getting the house and swimming pool of their dreams was to buy the house with suitable land and build their indoor swimming pool from scratch.

Origin were one of a few companies the Thompsons approached and ultimately decided choose because of our commitment to doing it all and the total package of the pool and building Origin offered. In between the Thompsons initially contacting Origin and deciding to go for it, there was some deliberation over whether or not planning permission would be granted and if it was worth the risk. However, the experts at Origin put them at ease, “one thing we really appreciated about Origin was that they worked with us, even when we weren’t sure, they just gave us time”.

And so it begins…

During the design process, the Thompsons had initially agreed to a barn style pool house, the drawings and planning permission had been approved, ready to move on to the next step. Sarah, looking for some extra inspiration found an eco-friendly design that fully encompassed the modern, sleek look that would match their family home and handed it to Origin, hoping it wasn’t too late. Origin went away and re-worked the designs, they then presented their final take on the new look design and it was exactly what David and Sarah were looking for. “Having the freedom to change our design was really important, we wanted to match the modern aesthetic of our house and once we got the planning permission through, we just thought lets go for it! Neither of us thought we would get permission for a pool house, so when we did it just felt like everything was falling into place and we may as well push for the design we truly wanted and see what happened, it worked out beautifully.”

The challenges…

The initial challenges of the project included changing the use of the land, the space in which the Thompsons wanted to build their pool house fell between the end of their garden and into the adjacent paddock. The change of design also meant a change in planning as the whole concept had evolved. This was tricky as planning permission isn’t usually granted for buildings on paddock land due to it being put aside for livestock and this meant part of the property land had to be changed into residential curtilage as part of the planning application.

“The architect, Calvin, knows exactly what he’s doing and how to talk to the planning office. We didn’t have to deal with any of it, he even met with the planners, showed them round the property and talked them through the project, ultimately securing us valuable planning permission.”

As the design the Thompsons decided to go with wasn’t part of the original Origin portfolio, this project was a challenge for everyone. It was great to be able to work alongside the client to create a whole new style of building and see it come to life, moving away from the traditional barn style and towards a contemporary design which incorporates the idea of transparency and bringing the outside in.

“We love looking at the view out from the house down into the garden, so Origin were tasked with coming up with a solution that didn’t compromise our view. The contemporary sliding doors and glass panels on the pool house provide this, we can see straight through all the way to the end of the paddock.”

The result…

“The level of engagement from Origin was impressive, they kept us in the loop and checked with us throughout the whole process, allowing us to be part of the project and give our opinion. We wouldn’t change a thing, it’s exactly how we imagined it.”

“The thing about Origin is that you get this overwhelming sense that everyone knows what they’re doing, it fills you with confidence. We always felt like we could talk with someone from Origin whenever we needed.”

“The best building team we’ve had around, our neighbours were thoroughly impressed with how polite and helpful the team were when dealing with deliveries and heavy loads in a relatively confined space. They were just great the whole way through.”

“For us it’s not just a pool, it’s another entertaining space. We love to take a swim and have a glass of wine, it’s taking us out of the house and into the garden where we can sit and watch the world go by! It really is our own oasis, even in the pool you’re surrounded by nature and transported to a tranquil place. The pool has added so much, our family is always round, the grandchildren love it and we can have an enjoyable, relaxing evening without even going out."

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