Grander Designs

Mike and Heather Lawson had an outdoor swimming pool for almost 40 years and although they had dreamed of upgrading to an indoor pool, it wasn’t until the arrival of their grandchildren that they decided to go for it. The Lawson’s knew what they wanted from the start, a child-friendly indoor swimming pool and a construction company that would put safety as the highest priority.

“It got to a point when we started to have young children and babies in the family again and when our grandchildren came along we stopped using the pool completely as it wasn’t safe for them. Due to the age and condition of the pool, we spent more time cleaning it out than actually swimming in it. We had spoken about it previously and knew the time was right to finally get an indoor pool that everyone could enjoy”

The Lawson’s had seen their neighbour’s swimming pool, which had also been designed and built by Origin, and were impressed with the quality and workmanship.
“Although our neighbour's pool is completely outside and quite different from what we wanted, we were impressed with the finish and attention to detail. Origin had carried out the design, planning and construction of his project efficiently and to a high standard, so this was enough for us to ask them to help us with ours. They came highly recommended and when we met them, we knew we’d made the right decision.”

The brief

The new swimming pool needed to be bigger than the existing one and include a big area of shallow water where their grandchildren could safely splash around and play. It was also important that the swimming pool had an electric cover that was easy to put back on when the pool was not in use, to keep it clean and easy to maintain.

The design

Mike and Heather worked very closely with the Origin design team. As they had been deliberating having an indoor pool for some time, they had a wealth of ideas and a clear vision of what they wanted their finished pool house to look like. Mike put together an overall design for the space which included a separate kitchen area as it was important to the family that the space be practical enough for socialising and entertaining.

The design process did however turn up an interesting technical challenge for the team at Origin. The location for the new pool and pool house overlapped part of the old swimming pool, so the design and construction team had to work together in order to reconfigure the space and original foundations before digging could begin for the new pool layout.

“Origin were true professionals, even with the challenges in the initial design and build stages they managed to adapt and deliver a pool beyond our expectations.”

The result

Mike and Heather use the pool every week, they love having the whole family around and watching their grandchildren learn to love the water. They’ve even opened up their Origin pool to swimming groups within the community. Several times a week, a local mother and baby swimming group hosts swimming lessons with an instructor in the pool.

“Anyone who comes over to use the pool is very impressed with it as it's ideal for classes of young children and babies. It’s a play pool for the grandchildren, rather than a serious swimming pool, but nevertheless, the older grandchildren still love coming over and having fun in it. It’s a busy household when they all dive in!”

Why Origin?

Making the decision to refurbish the swimming pool and choosing to switch from outdoor to indoor was a home improvement worth doing.

“The value of our property would have been affected if we’d left the swimming pool as it was – it would have decreased the value of the house.”

“We want to stress how incredibly good the workmen were. They always got here on time, worked very hard and were exceptionally pleasant. They were so lovely that we actually missed them when they left!”

“Everyone who has come over has been wowed by the swimming pool. We love being able to share it with our grandchildren and others from the community. We’re so pleased we made the decision to refurbish the old one, as we now get much more enjoyment from our pool. Thank you Origin.”