Fulfilling a lifelong dream

Having an at-home swimming pool was a lifelong dream for the Williams family. Previously to finding Origin, they had discussed different ideas but didn’t have any clear visions for the design or style of their dream swimming pool, however, one thing was clear Origin was the company that could bring their fantasy to life.

“We thought an outdoor pool during the ‘off season’ could be a bit of an eyesore and we didn’t want to ruin the vista from the house. However, when Origin floated the idea of an indoor swimming pool it did solve a lot of issues for us, plus we could use it all year round instead of a choice few months. The site we landed on for the pool house gets a lot of sun, it’s a sun trap! The perfect spot for relaxing and enjoying the garden views. The  pool house has actually enhanced our garden which we didn’t think was possible.”

The brief

“The house is Grade II listed so we were initially concerned about planning permission, however, Origin were fantastic and their architects handled it all for us, there weren’t any issues. Origin’s planner skilfully used the old workshop and store footprint as the provision to achieve new consent for our pool. From the house, the view is a huge improvement from what was there before."

“The pool house fits in with our surroundings so  beautifully, we are absolutely thrilled with it." The Williams wanted a slightly bigger pool as they’re both very active and love swimming, Origin made this a top priority and as a result, drew up plans for a 12 x 4m pool which would fit perfectly in the space allotted and allow the Williams to swim and relax.

The design

“The Catslide roof design was a conscious choice, Origin did very well putting it together in the initial plans and the end result is fantastic.”

The Williams wanted the building to be functional as well as aesthetically pleasing, in order to achieve this Origin combined the pool house with additional storage space. The rear area with the lower roof level is used as a kennel, dog wash room, and log store at one end and a garden workshop storage room at the other.

“Obviously, we originally had a workshop and store where the pool house now stands so it was great to be able to combine plans for another outbuilding and  create a multi-faceted space that we can use every day.”
The exterior colour of the pool house posed a bigger design question as the colour of the cladding would need to blend with each season. Any green option wouldn’t be right as the garden colours change through the seasons, so the Williams ended up choosing a more classic neutral grey which can tone with the surrounding environment throughout the year.

“We went and looked at another project nearby, we loved the interior of the pool house and the tile choice. We didn’t realise it at the time of choosing our pool tiles but we’ve created our own athome spa, the feeling you get from it is really quite special.”

“The floor tiles we chose weren’t an original option but we just knew they would work, the team at Origin took a chance and it really paid off.”

The Scandi effect wooden cladding on the interior walls of the pool house runs seamlessly into the floor and vice versa, it creates a calming atmosphere which holds beautifully with the neutral pool tiles as it gives the pool water an aquamarine tint.

“The whole pool house feels incredibly relaxing, it’s a joy to use it every day.”
“There are so many different design choices, large and small, that were necessary for our lifestyle. The functional storage spaces fit perfectly for us, Origin even added an outdoor tap with an extendable hose which is ideal for washing muddy dog paws or the grandchildren's feet if they’ve been playing in the garden before they jump in the pool. They also amended the design to add a side door to access the pool rather than always relying on the bi-fold doors or the main front entrance which is ideal, especially when the weather isn’t playing ball!”

"We left room for potentially adding solar panels to the roof in the future with this design, it wasn’t a priority at the time of the build however we’re glad that we have the option to upgrade if we should ever choose.”

“We love the automatic slatted pool cover, it seems like such an unimportant thing but it really is a necessity that has added to our experience of using the pool. It’s so easy to operate and the remote control means that we can open it before we’re even in the pool house and close it while taking a shower after a swim.”

The result

“We love our new daily routine, straight out to the pool house in the morning for a swim and thankfully we took the steps to add a bathroom and shower which makes everything easier for us, it’s all in one place!”

“Our grandchildren love it, every time they come and visit the kids are straight in the pool. The bifolding doors come in so handy, we can have meals out on the terrace and watch the kids swim, it’s absolutely magical.”

"The exterior of the pool house blends seamlessly into the garden surroundings, it fits well into family life. It’s an attractive building that sits in any setting, urban or rural, it doesn’t look out of place even against our period house."

“We found Origin through an online search but we were also recommended them as well, so for us, it was only ever going to be Origin. Everyone who worked on our pool project were fantastic, on time, and on budget, we couldn’t be more pleased.”
“Origin do it all and they do it well”