Along came Origin

When the Hamiltons first decided to move they made a list of their priorities and an indoor swimming pool was at the top of the list. Originally, the Hamiltons were looking for a house with an existing swimming pool but ended up falling in love with a house without one. However, it did have lapsed planning permission for a swimming pool in the back garden and so began the Hamilton's journey to bring their vision to life.

The Challenges

"Before we found Origin, we had some challenges with the various planning applications. We had an application denied and it also got to a point where our permitted development rights were withdrawn.”

“We had hired an architect to design the pool and pool house for us however, it became clear that the designs he was putting across weren’t feasible and there seemed to be a lack of knowledge and awareness when it came to the design and layout of the spa and swimming pool itself. Our wants and needs weren’t listened to and neither was our budget!” 

“We got straight on google to look through our options. We really liked what Origin had to offer, after what we went through with the architect we didn’t want to be managing different contractors. The fact that Origin would do it all was the ideal solution for us. They even resolved the planning issues for us so we were ready to get started. We loved looking through the website and seeing the different pools, we even got the chance to go and see some past projects which was an invaluable experience and also helped kickstart the inspiration for our own swimming pool. We wanted a building that was a seamless transition from the main house, something that could blend in with our surroundings.”

Origin to the rescue

Origin got straight to work planning and designing a pool house and swimming pool that met the Hamilton's vision. The footprint of the building and the height remained the same due to permitted development rights, however,  Origin used their expertise to move around elements of the design in order to maximise space and create a more luxurious feel. The original design saw the spa sitting in the middle of the seating area, but Origin moved it to join the corner of the pool allowing users to move freely between the two.

“The build was not disruptive at all, most of the time we didn’t know Origin were there. Everything was always tidied away at the end of the week, and care of our garden was always taken seriously.”

From the start, the Hamiltons knew their pool house would become a social hub that family and friends would gravitate towards so it was important to keep this in mind throughout the design and build process. Elements of this are reflected in the final touches of the pool house in the large seating area, coffee station, spa and water slide.

“Every time we use the pool it feels like a family day out, we end up being in there all day. It’s a really lovely sociable space, the kids can play and we can sit and have a coffee and a chat whilst being right there to keep an eye on them."

“There was always going to be a slide, we weren’t sure what our options were at first but we eventually found SplinterWorks. Their slides are sculptural masterpieces and they’re made to order, we absolutely love it and the kids feel like they’re at a water park every time they use it…adults too!”

“We wanted that added feeling of luxury so, of course, we had to have a sauna, it makes all the difference.”

Origin worked with the Hamiltons to design their ideal space, which included the bathroom and changing area. Sliding doors were a creative solution to help maximise space, as well as benches that fold up onto the wall. The layout and design of the bathroom area were inspired by the relaxing atmosphere and aesthetics of a spa, all the while adding an extra touch of indulgence which can be enjoyed every day.

“We wanted to create a sense of luxury in our pool house so we were careful with design choices in the bathroom and changing area. Origin helped bring the vision to life which has resulted in us essentially having a sanctuary in our back garden.”

The result

“The pool was finished right in the middle of summer, we couldn’t have asked for better timing.”

“Origin gave us exactly what we wanted. The exterior of the pool house matches the main house, there’s a seamless transition between the two and it’ll only get better as time passes. By working together and being involved in creative discussions with Origin, we’ve come away with something truly magical that will provide endless fun for our whole family.”

“We cannot praise Origin highly enough, their ‘can do’ attitude was exemplary from start to finish. All of their workers were obviously, highly experienced and took absolute pride, both in their own work and also in that of their colleagues. Most of all, it was clear from start to finish that it was our project, our pool and not theirs - which was refreshing after significant, previous experience with some architects and builders.”

“We simply cannot imagine approaching a project as complex as an indoor pool in any other way, other than to employ a single, expert company, that does nothing else than design and build exceptional, indoor swimming pools.”