Our vision brought to life


The design

The Venable family met with the team at Origin for an initial discussion of ideas and their wants and needs for their indoor swimming pool. They wanted a space that could bring together the whole family and have something to offer everyone, space to relax and have fun with a pool long enough to swim laps. Origin’s designers got to work bringing the family’s vision to  life, their final design incorporating the family’s personal taste and maximising their original hopes for the pool house.

“Meeting with the team was great, they took all of our thoughts and suggestions and offered creative solutions for elements that may not have been feasible. Their eye for detail was incredible, I guess that’s what makes them the experts. Even though we were the novices, Origin kept an open mind with all of our ideas and it was lovely to see them included in the final design”
The Venable's had a unique sense of style when it came to their swimming pool finishes and were keen to steer away from the traditional blue swimming pool tiles. After much deliberation and testing various tiles to see the effect the colour had in the water, the family chose a mix of soft brown and neutral tiles as this colour blend resulted in soft, aquamarine-coloured water.

“We were surprised at the wide range of options available to us and everything was top quality. It took a while for us to make a final decision but it was definitely the right choice, we can’t imagine the pool house any other way

The result

“The one part of the process we had concerns with was getting planning permission, however, we needn't have worried as Origin took care of everything. We had a smooth visit from the planning authorities, the process could not have been any easier”

The construction journey for the Venable's family pool was just as straightforward and the pool house was finished on time and on budget.
“The whole construction team were prompt and efficient, they kept their workspace clear and we didn’t even realise they were here most of the time. In fact, everyone we dealt with from Origin over the process was painstakingly competent, we couldn’t recommend them enough.”

“The pool house is a lovely addition to our home and has provided a wealth of extra space. It’s had such a positive impact on our family life and is the perfect meeting point for everyone, our teenagers love spending time in there and we always have family and friends around to enjoy it as well.”

Why Origin?

“The company was recommended to us. They have been in existence for well over thirty years and know what they’re doing. We didn’t want to make any expensive mistakes and knew Origin would deliver exactly what we wanted”

The fact that Origin takes their projects all the way from concept to completion was an added draw for the family too. From initial concepts to the design, planning, building and maintenance, the project is handled internally by Origin’s team of experts who have racked up dozens of years of experience between them and are committed to delivering perfection in this highly skilled field.

“We knew from our own research that the planning and building of swimming pools, especially indoors, is unlike any other construction project so we wanted expertise and Origin, as they say, do it all. The one-stop shop is definitely the way to go.”