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Inside view of an indoor pool house

The Role Of Architects - Do You Need One?

When embarking on the journey of adding an indoor pool to your property, a common question inevitably emerges: "Do I begin with an architect?" The world of indoor pool construction possesses unique intricacies, demanding a particular set of expertise. Let's delve into this subject to provide you with a clearer perspective:

Pool house in garden

Navigating Planning Permission For Your Dream Pool House

When it comes to considering the addition of a pool house to your property, one of the foremost questions that often arises is, "Will I need planning permission?”. As seasoned industry experts, we’ve encountered this query countless times and are here to provide some clarity on the subject.

Pool House Extension

Integrating Luxury - The Pros and Cons of Pool House Extensions

In this article, we delve into the world of pool house extensions—an increasingly favoured option that combines the indulgence of an indoor swimming pool with the comfort and convenience of your main home.

stand-alone pool house

Exploring the unique appeal of a stand-alone pool house

At Origin, we often have clients wanting to know more about the differences between stand-alone pool houses and extensions to the home.

indoor pool design

Top 5 money-saving indoor pool design ideas

Deciding to add an indoor pool to your home is an increasingly common request, whether it's for fitness, health, general well-being or just for spending quality time with your children and family - it is undoubtedly a desirable luxury.

Timber Frame Pool House

5 reasons to choose timber frame construction for your pool house

When it comes to designing and building the pool house of your dreams, there's more to consider than just the location of your power sockets and light switches.

Pool house in garden

How much does it cost to run an indoor swimming pool

As the cost of energy continues to rise, homeowners contemplating the addition of an indoor pool must make informed choices to manage the heating and operating expenses effectively.