Outdoor swimming to an indoor pool - an investment worth making

When the Baker family initially approached Origin, they were interested in covering an existing outdoor pool. The family had been in discussion for some time, deciding whether or not the outdoor pool was worthy of undertaking as a project.

“We originally had an outdoor pool which was here when we bought the house, it was in a completely different position from where the indoor pool is now, away from the house and further away than was desirable. It got to a point where the outdoor pool needed some work and we had to decide whether we would take on the work or invest that money in something we really wanted which was an indoor pool. We knew we were going to stay at the house for at least another 10 years so, to us, it was worth the investment.”

Once the Baker family had settled on the idea of an indoor swimming pool, they reached back out to Origin and the planning began.

“We knew Origin did it all and after seeing some of their excellent recently completed projects, we decided to go for it. With the original outdoor pool, we found it such a task having to ‘prepare’ it for the summer months and expensive to run as well even though we had taken the necessary precautions with a pool cover etc… With an indoor pool it’s a temperature controlled environment and the pool is protected by the building, making it instantly ready for spontaneous swims and family parties!”

indoor pool
The budget
indoor pool

The Baker’s had done their research and had a strong idea of what their dream pool house would entail. Keeping in mind the budget the Baker family had put forward, it was Origin’s job to deliver a design that captured every element they wanted. As an active family, the Baker’s longed for an at-home gym. Origin kept this in mind and designed additional multifunctional space, separate from the swimming pool that could be used as a gym or potentially turned into an office in the future. With their years of experience designing and building indoor pools, Origin purposefully created a flexible space that could grow and evolve with the family’s changing needs.

“We always had a fixed budget in mind and although we did go over a little bit, we’re very happy with the pool and finishes we ended up choosing. It’s always worth stretching the budget to achieve something as special as our pool house. Origin were great at keeping in mind the limits we had set and we loved working with a company that took our budget seriously and offered plenty of thoughtful and realistic suggestions throughout the whole process”

The benefits

“The biggest benefit of the indoor pool is definitely being able to swim all year round. It’s invaluable for us, we use the pool house every day and not just for swimming. Someone is always in the gym or relaxing in the lounge area.”

In order to enhance the family’s enjoyment of their garden, Origin centralised the Baker family’s key activities. Moving the original outdoor pool breeze hut around to join the new pool house meant everything was in the same and best location for all their needs, whether that be swimming, exercising in the gym, sitting out in the garden or cooking in the BBQ area.

Origin chose a new area of the garden off to the side of the main house for the pool house, keeping it close enough for connectivity and in a position where you can look out over the garden vista and enjoy the space. A kitchen area was added to the pool house which also allowed for the space to be self-contained, this way the Baker’s can spend as much time as they like in the pool house.

Indoor Pool

“We loved the idea of an indoor pool as another space for entertaining, we like to have friends and family over for dinner and BBQ’s in the summer. The pool house works as a social hub, it’s the space everyone congregates around! Where the original outdoor pool was situated was another small structure, a little breeze hut, but Origin moved it around the front of the garden so it could sit next to the pool house and patio so we could sit out and take advantage of the views. Plus, it’s ideal for when we do have parties or friends and family over as we’ve got everything we need out here.”

Why Origin?
Indoor Pool

“It was clear from the beginning Origin have earned their credentials as the indoor pool experts, our visits to completed projects confirmed this and made us feel comfortable and confident we were in safe hands. Origin consistently kept us up to date throughout the whole process, we’d have regular meetings to choose finishes which helped us make decisions quickly and move things along smoothly. We were very pleased with the quality of the products offered and the guys that came to work here during the construction process were very knowledgeable and helpful. Origin excelled at communication throughout this process which is such an important skill for a company to master, especially when you’re entrusting them with a big project like ours. Everyone on site and in the office was approachable, we felt like we could talk to anyone and our questions would be heard. Even when it came to the snagging process, everything was sorted really promptly and to a high standard.”

"The entire construction process was such a learning curve for us as we’d never undertaken a project as large as this. We were grateful to have a company with so much experience, like Origin, show us what could be achieved and come up with creative solutions. Not only did they have to build us a new indoor pool, but they also had to fill in the old outdoor one as well. It amazed us to see how quickly they were able to get the process moving. The new foundations were dug out and all the soil excavated was used to fill in the old pool meaning that we could hit the ground running with our planned landscaping works and the two timelines could come together at the end.”

“Origin know how to create something new in an existing setting and blend all the things you don’t think about like pathways, levels, views, security, and desired routes into the finished article so that it appears like it’s always been there at the end of the project – now that’s impressive”

Indoor Pool
Indoor Pool
Indoor Pool
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