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Paul and Rebecca Jones moved into their family home 12 years ago with dreams of restoring the house and giving the landscaping a new lease of life. There was an existing outdoor swimming pool when they moved in which was ideal for the family as Paul is a keen swimmer, so much so they increased the size of the existing pool to 25 metres long to enable Paul to swim laps. However, the family quickly realised the pool didn’t get any use at all during the colder months and the decision was made to convert their existing outdoor pool into an indoor pool so they could enjoy the benefits of swimming all year round.

Along came Origin

Paul and Rebecca originally hired an architect to design a pool house for them but soon realised a company that specialised in swimming pool building and design was the best way forward. Rebecca came across Origin online and called through to their office as soon as she read the words ‘we do it all’.

Origin’s team of experts got to work designing a new pool house tailored to the whole family, a place they could use all year round. They created a bespoke ‘L’ shape design that encompassed the existing swimming pool and an additional living area as well as some separate outside space. This unique design worked perfectly within the constraints of the surrounding garden and proximity to the house, ultimately providing a space that maximised pool usage.

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“We wanted a larger pool house to create added space that could be used in a multitude of different ways, we’re a very sociable family and having the extra room means we can utilise it for all kinds of things, from parties to yoga! The unique design created a sun trap courtyard on the other side of the pool house which we also adore.”

Blending into the surroundings
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Although the Jones's home isn’t a listed building, it is a period structure with significant architectural character. This coupled with the existing outdoor pool's proximity to the house made it vital that any structure designed to cover the pool complemented and harmonised with the home and surrounding grounds.

The end design was chosen as it allowed the existing home and new pool house to exist in harmony as well as incorporating the garden landscape that Rebecca has spent years perfecting.

“We opted for a wall of windows and bi-fold doors to help bring the landscaping and garden into the pool and vice versa, we wanted to be surrounded by nature while enjoying the comfort of indoor swimming.”

“Origin were brilliant at obtaining planning permission, we were worried about it before but when Origin took over they got it done straight away, it was a weight off our minds.”

The challenges

As Origin began the build it became clear that the original outdoor swimming pool had not been installed correctly, a mess of pipes and cables were left exposed underneath the pool chamber and had led to a leak taking place. When the pool was then further extended, the walls of the pool chamber had been padded with foam and it had all since come loose and was found floating with the mass of cables. Origin sorted everything out and corrected the drainage issues caused by the previous builders.

Origin’s design meant connecting the new pool house to an existing outbuilding that would be renovated to house a bathroom and changing room. Another challenge Origin faced was ensuring these two buildings fused together seamlessly in order to create the illusion of being one. This was managed by using similar materials and lowering the elevation of the roof to allow them to join.

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Creating a space for everyone, all year round

Before and after the construction of their dream pool house, Rebecca wanted to use the surrounding garden to create a paradise outside their backdoor. One of the main ideas was to construct an inner courtyard next to the pool house to act as an escape and a place of relaxation for the whole family.

“We wanted the pool house and garden to speak for itself. We put everything out here to create a sanctuary to enjoy along with the pool house, outdoor kitchen and water features. The courtyard is also weatherproof so we can use it all year round, just like our pool!”

The landscaping was finished after the pool house was built so Rebecca could focus on putting the finishing touches to the areas of garden nearest the pool house. Now when the family uses the swimming pool in the summer months, they can open up the bi-fold doors and let the outside in.

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Why Origin?

“Origin were amazing in dealing with the fact our project wasn’t a blank slate. Not only did they have to construct a pool house, they also had to connect it to a building that already exists but it all works seamlessly, you wouldn’t know the pool house is effectively an extension. We had an architect working on the project originally for us but they were unsure how to connect the two buildings, then I saw Origin’s brochure and knew I wanted a one-stop shop that specialises in building swimming pools and knew what they were doing from the start.”

“With Origin, it was easy, no matter the challenge they made it work. We have a period house so any new building addition would be tricky to blend in but Origin did it.”

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Case study

“It’s very seldom that you end up being on good terms with the company by the end of the job, it’s very often you fall out during the process due to something going wrong or being built poorly, especially on a big project like this but working with Origin was a joy, it was just easy.”

“Origin’s building process was the easiest of everything we’ve come across in the last 12 years. We had so many challenges throughout our whole home renovation but with Origin, we had no worries at all. Now we’re left with our dream pool house, somewhere we can go and swim every single day come rain or shine.”

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