Keep down swimming pool running costs

Indoor pool running costs will vary greatly depending on the style of swimming pool, its location, the type and grade of enclosure structure, dehumidification, circulation and chemical control.

The water temperature and air temperatures and their heat source along with seasonal influences. Design and construction are critical to achieving cost effective operations through knowledge.

While at the start there are decisions to be made on how your swimming pool is heated and whether you want to consider green alternatives to gas and electricity, there are also quick and easy things you can do once you have your dream pool.

5 Simple ways to keep down your indoor swimming pool costs

These five top tips are quick fixes for keeping down your swimming pool costs, so you can concentrate on enjoying your new swimming pool.

1. Insulate with Swimming Pool Covers
2. Time Your Pumps
3. Take Care of Your Pool
4. Review Your Heat Settings
5. Pick Energy Efficient Lighting

5 Energy decisions to make before building your swimming pool

For those who haven’t yet started the build process, there is plenty of choice when it comes to in-built energy solutions. Here’s a snapshot of the top 5 energy decisions that you should be making before the project begins.

1. Consider a Heat Pump
2. Consider Solar
3. Choose High Quality Bi-folding Doors
4. Insulate Your Pool
5. Finally, Talk to an Expert

Our experts are on hand to talk through any questions you have about energy efficiency. To talk to us about keeping down your swimming pool costs, call 01895 823366