How much does an indoor swimming pool cost

It’s often the first question that is asked when we speak to families – just how much does an indoor swimming pool cost? The truth is, this depends entirely on the size and style of your project, and whether you choose from our range of popular models or are considering a bespoke design.

The cost can range from £189,000 to £392,000 and beyond, depending on your choice of finish, fixtures and fittings. If you have a set budget, we’ll work with you to advise on what’s possible, making sure the project is kept within your cost limit.

We have a number of different ranges and models to suit a variety of budgets. While these are designed to give you an idea of the options available, the design of each and every one can be tailored to suit you, your family and your lifestyle.

The Blueprint Range

An uncomplicated design that streamlines the building structure and finish, but still provides for a great home swimming pool.

The Barn Range

The natural materials used in the Aldbury, Burford, Fairford, Marlow and Latimer models give each pool in the range all the charm of a country barn conversion.

The Olympic Range

The most sought after of our ranges. The Arena, Marathon, Olympiad and Competitor models vary in size and each incorporate different facilities to suit your requirements.

Each model has a different specification, which can range from a changing room and WC, to a sauna, gym and even a kitchen and relaxation area. Once you have chosen the model to suit you, the choice of tiles, liners and covers, plus optional extras such as spa, swim jet and other accessories, will also have an impact on cost.

To get an estimate of what may be possible within your budget, the best thing to do is to talk to one of our experienced team members who will be able to advise. Our team of architects, designers and builders have experience in swimming pool installations and are on hand to manage the entire build process, from concept to completion.

We have a large selection of priced examples to help you select your ideal indoor pool.
We offer families a free, no obligation consultation. To talk to us about indoor pool costs, call us on 01895 453996.