Green Technology

We are constantly examining ways to further improve our green stamp on the environment.
Here are our current top six energy saving products:

The Origin Heat Pump

An incredibly energy efficient way to heat your pool.

The Cyclonic Filter

Promotes water economy by swirling away dirt from water at high speed.

Solar Panels

Well documented method of using sunlight to minimise more costly power.

Salt Water Chlorination

A process that uses dissolved salt as a store for the chlorination system, instead of direct addition of chlorine.

Insulating Covers

An efficient way to keep your pool at temperature for longer, saving heater costs.

Bi-fold Doors

An attractive and highly efficient way of keeping your pool house warm and draught-free. A great replacement for older wooden doors.

At Origin we understand the part we have to play in protecting our environment. We are keeping a close eye on the whole green issue, and building up a dossier of accurate, no-nonsense facts about the matter – to present to our customers with total confidence.

All the timber we use is vacuum pressure treated and is all purchased from responsibly managed forests which are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.