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Are you interested in a stand alone indoor pool house or a pool house extension to your home?

Stand alone pool house


  • A space to escape away from the home
  • Typically most cost efficient
  • Can be a focal point of a garden design
  • Can be easy to build under permitted development rights
  • Reduced disruption to your household over the course of the build
  • Separate social hub


  • Distance from the house in poor weather
Indoor Swimming Pool
Pool house extension


  • Your indoor pool becomes another recreational area of your main home
  • Convenient way to incorporate swimming into your everyday life and daily routine
  • Ease of access when the weather is poor


  • Typically increased cost due to materials selection and additional work to existing property
  • More advanced dehumidification systems are essential
  • More disruption during construction
  • Usually requires a formal planning application
Indoor Swimming Pool
Will I need to get planning permission?
Indoor Swimming Pool

For a pool house in your garden it’s more than likely that you won’t need planning permission. In the majority of cases as long as the building you are going to house the pool within is freestanding, complies to the permitted development design criteria and your permitted development rights are in tact - you won’t need it.

Almost without exception, a pool house extension to your home will need planning permission. At Origin, we have a wealth of experience in gaining planning approval for indoor pools in listed buildings, areas of outstanding natural beauty, conservation areas and we’ll also manage the whole process for you so, no need to panic!

Do I start with an architect?

We are fortunate in the UK to have some of the best architects in the world. But specialist architects with working knowledge of an indoor pool environment are very rare. Architects are extremely well versed with domestic construction details, but unfortunately an indoor pool is very different. An architect can provide you with an outline design for an indoor pool, this may cost you anywhere between £1,500 to £3,000 however, many don’t have the knowledge or insurances needed to take that design further. As part of our feasibility study we provide initial design sketches and a budgetary proposal free of charge.

Indoor Swimming Pool
Which aspects of pool design have the biggest impact on cost?
Indoor Swimming Pool

Size is an obvious one, setting your heart on a 25m pool will be a significant investment. The most popular size for an indoor pool is between 8m to 10m, there are also some excellent counter current devices that you swim against making the size of the pool less important.

Covers are an important part of a pool design as they retain heat, reduce running costs and some provide a level of safety. As an example based on a 8m x 4m indoor pool, the following cost comparisons would apply:

Manual Solar Bubble Cover -
£900 -£1200 - Poor safety, good heat retention, manual operation

Semi Automatic Foam Cover -
£3-5000 - Average safety, excellent heat retention, easy to use

Automatic Slatted Surface Mount Cover -
£7-9000 - Good safety properties, excellent heat retention, very easy to use.

Download the pdf "Top considerations when buying an indoor pool"

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