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Case study

They began researching companies in the area that would be able to meet their requirements. Keen to use a well-known firm that was reputable and a specialist in the area, the couple wanted to find a company that had the capability to manage the whole project, removing the need for individual contractors. The Green’s research and local connections led them to Origin.

Origin Is The Way Forward

Paul contacted Origin and arranged a meeting. “It was really good to see the owner of the business taking a personal interest. He said all the right things and the advice he gave was great. They organised an onsite visit for us so that we could get a feel for the work they had previously done. This really solidified our decision to choose them”. Paul also had a local contact who lived in the area and had experience with Origin. His friend had moved into a home where an Origin pool had previously been fitted and still uses them to maintain the pool. He gave Origin a glowing recommendation.

Getting It Right

Origin worked alongside the Green family to design their dream pool. In the initial consultation phases, Paul and his wife discussed their vision with Andrew Ginger. The pool was going to be an extension of their home and needed to match the exterior of the house. It was essential it didn’t stand out but internally, they wanted a high quality, modern and contemporary style. Paul
adds: “We drew a lot of inspiration from pictures of other high end pools and I used these to demonstrate to Origin and the architect what we wanted.”

The couple wanted a bright and spacious area. Colour changing lighting and iridescent tiling which reflects the light perfectly, both provide the feel of luxury. In addition to creating a relaxing space with a spa pool, it was also important to Paul that he could use the pool to maintain his fitness. The space to build an Olympic sized pool wasn’t available, so Paul decided to install swim jets that create resistance as he swims, providing a more challenging exercise regime.

It was the finishing touches that proved to be the most difficult to decide on: “We really wanted to install marble walls but the tiling we chose was extremely expensive and heavy. This meant that it would be difficult to transport and use in the build. Origin talked us through some potential substitutes and we were able to find some marble tiles that were slightly smaller
in size, but that would be more practical.”

Brilliant Builders

The swimming pool took 8 months to complete, during which time the couple were kept up to date with progress. The Origin team were available to chat through the project whenever they wanted, including regular meetings to discuss finishes and make other important decisions as they went along.

Paul was extremely impressed with the construction team. Despite undertaking a huge build project, they kept disruption to a minimum and didn’t knock through into the Green’s property until it was essential. This helped to keep the property secure throughout. “The team were great, they kept the site as clean as they could and they were all extremely friendly. Once you get over the mental hurdle that your property is going to be a bit chaotic for a few months, this is a really exciting part of the project as you begin to see your pool take shape”.

Life With Origin

Paul and his family couldn’t be happier with the space they have created: “I’ve always used swimming as a form of exercise. I used to visit the local hotel three times a week before we had our pool installed and this proved difficult if I was working late. Now, I use the pool five times a week and when the rest of the family visit, they have a fantastic space for leisure and relaxation. Especially our granddaughter, she’s three years old and just loves splashing around when she visits.”

Paul looks at it as more than a pool though; it’s an extension of his home: “The good thing about the space is that it’s a room in its own right. Although my wife and I may have slightly different agendas when it comes to the pool – I primarily use it for fitness and she will use it for leisure. It’s also a very pleasant space to, relax and do things such as have a drink or read a book. Our friends are amazed by the complexity of the design!”

So, would the Green’s recommend Origin? “Absolutely, they were honest, realistic and clearly experienced – they had the whole package.”

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