Outdoor Pool Detailing Options


A swimming pool cover serves to save a great deal of heating energy and can also provide a full safety function.
The manual roller cover is the simplest option while a pit mounted automatic slatted cover provides the most discreet and compact option.


Vinyl lining offers an economical alternative to mosaic tiling for the inside surfaces of your swimming pool. The two options available for lining are either a preformed liner type or an on-site fitted liner.
There are scores of attractive designs available which can be co-ordinated to form a beautiful and coherent design.


Why not consider a beautiful tiled motif on the floor of your swimming pool to add a touch of personality.
You can design your own or select one from our range of artistically created examples.


The range of steps available offers something for everyone's taste. Simplicity, practicality, grace and style.
The curved Roman steps add a particular feeling of luxury to your swimming pool, whether indoor or outdoor.


We offer a wide range of specially developed tiling to provide a durable and beautiful finish to your swimming pool.
The pool surrounds can also be finished with tiling, chosen to complement the interior of the pool itself.