Hydrotherapy and Origin…

35 years building indoor pools, and a unique understanding of hydrotherapy has made Origin the perfect choice for this specialist area.

After a difficult birth Anna sustained a very significant brain injury and has dystonic quadriplegic cerebral palsy. Following a negligence claim and a compensation payment from NHS, Anna has been ensured financial stability over her lifetime to cover costs and ongoing needs arising from her extreme disability.

A trust fund was formed to handle the expenses involved to make Anna’s life as happy, comfortable and fulfilling as possible.

Anna can now afford the extra care and support that she needs.

Now thirteen, and only able to communicate with the aid of technology, Anna nevertheless has a wide range of interests and hobbies. She especially enjoys attending a local theatre group and is keen on outdoor pursuits such as horse riding and gardening.

From an early age Anna was always keen to go to swimming pools, as long as the water was not too cold and she was supported by one of her parents or a support worker. When she was younger she attended swimming lessons for disabled children, but these were discontinued because the water was too cold. More recently Anna began new swimming lessons with a one-to-one instructor in the swimming pool of a special school, demonstrating that she had the ability to develop her swimming, providing she had the right support, and regular access to an appropriate pool.

Her mother Jan started to take Anna to a local swimming pool and, under specialist instruction, proved that hydrotherapy could improve her enormously, adding greatly to her strength and stamina.

The members of the trust fund came to a decision. If Anna was getting stronger, more motivated and happier swimming, she should have her own facility for following her chosen leisure pursuit every day. Physiotherapists recommended that she would benefit, her swimming instructor was consulted, and pool companies were contacted.

A budget from the fund was set aside to realise Anna’s dream of having a specially equipped pool house in the family garden.

Water is effective treatment for pain relief and treating illness. Hydrotherapy is used to treat major physical problems, and those with special needs such as Anna – and is an invaluable natural remedy for muscular symptoms such as arthritis, rheumatism, fatigue and back pain.

Origin has been in existence for over thirty years, and knows the indoor pool business better than anyone. The company has built many hydrotherapy pools too, notably the world famous pool installation at Stoke Mandeville Hospital in Buckinghamshire, and also won a Spata pool industry award for a unique pool house in Hertfordshire.

Origin was the natural choice.

Plans were submitted and accepted. The building was created without too much upheaval, and today the family would tell you that ready access to a suitable pool has improved the quality of Anna’s life. The pool house doesn’t look ‘institutional’ and has enhanced the family garden. Anna enjoys having friends and cousins round to enjoy the pool, as do her siblings.

Anna will always have great difficulties because of her disability, but she has shown no let-up of interest in her swimming, and feels stronger, fitter and more skilful in her life-changing pastime.

Jan summed it up nicely. “Anna’s Regular access to a pool has greatly benefited her quality of life, and that has made it all worth it.”

For more information on this project:
Email Fiona on fiona@originleisure.com, or ring 01895 823366.

Anna’s Regular access to a pool has greatly benefited her quality of life, and that has made it all worth it.

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