Riding the wave of success

This month, some of the Origin team had the pleasure of attending the 2019 SPATA Award ceremony. Over the past four years we’ve won eleven awards so the pressure was on! Of course, at the start of the ceremony we were nervous as our previous wins were at stake however upon the announcement of the winners we were able to relax and were subsequently thrilled to add a further seven awards to our collection; three silver and four bronze.

Every year we put forward a selection of our finest pools for SPATA to judge, a challenge in itself as we’re proud of every pool that we create. SPATA, the Swimming Pool and Allied Trade Association, look over hundreds of pools and projects every year and pick the most deserving winners so for Origin to be acknowledged in this way is a true testament to the whole team.

SPATA is the leading trade association within the industry and is an important organisation that protects customers by upholding high technical and communication standards. In turn, this helps to create a positive process and paves the way for a collaborative journey between you the customer, and us, so we can build a swimming pool that is perfect for you in every way.


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