Swim Towards A Healthier Future

As you may have seen on our social media pages, the lead up to May comes with a challenge; swim 22 miles in 12 weeks… that’s the width of the English Channel! This challenge can be made all the more fun by doing it in your own origin pool, whether that’s through getting the family […]

Join the Mainstream and Go Green

Top 5 Eco Trends We now all know the effects that swimming can have on our mental and physical health, but what about the effects that our swimming pools can have on the environment? At Origin, we believe that making healthier choices transcends beyond the things that can have immediate influence on our lives, we […]

Origin Pools – We do it all

Step 2: Design At Origin, we work closely with you to create a swimming pool design to suit your home, lifestyle and budget. We offer a holistic approach to each project to ensure that every individual element works seamlessly together. Every pool project is unique and requires expert input from multiple professionals. We believe that […]

Origin Pools – We do it all

Step 3: Build At Origin, we want to make the building process as stress free as possible and make sure we are communicating with you every step of the way to ensure the end result matches the expectations of your dream swimming pool. Origin will handle everything for you rather than engaging separate companies for […]