The Olympic Pool Fit For Family Life

The Olympic Pool Fit For Family Life


After seeing the pleasure that a pool house has brought to the family life of their friends, the Burchfield family set their hearts on having one of their own. Although many friends had invested in an Origin Leisure indoor pool, the family decided that they wanted to conduct some initial research, so set about exploring the market. They soon found that Origin Leisure
offered a bespoke ‘Concept to Completion’ service. The company’s internal group of designers, architects and builders create and construct pool projects from beginning to end.

This makes the process hassle free, which was ideal for the family given the hectic lives the Burchfields and their three teenagers lead. With over 35 years’ experience in indoor swimming pool design, Origin Leisure is able to handle every element of the complex design, planning and build. This means that there is no need to source individual contractors. The Burchfields
could achieve harmony in their building project and have as much or as little input as they wanted.


During the initial stages the family met with members of the Origin Leisure team, who wanted to bring them one step closer to their dream pool house. The team offered guidance on the
different styles available and, based on the Burchfield’s vision, put together comprehensive designs, from initial concepts through to architectural drawings and colour visuals.

As well as making the Burchfield’s vision come to life, Origin Leisure was able to ensure that the proposed plans fell within permitted development. This meant that the building inspector was able to agree the concept following only one visit. Carolyn Burchfield said: “The early meetings were incredibly constructive. We talked about the basic styles that Origin Leisure offers and were impressed with the adaptability that each model offered. We knew roughly what we wanted, and were delighted that every one of our thoughts was considered and built to the first plans. We chose the Olympic pool because of the flexibility of its design, and the style suited our home. We wanted a pool table and a gym, and the initial plans created a perfect space for these.”

The Olympic Range E

What made the Olympic pool so appealing to the Burchfield family was the popular state-of-the-art features and the different facilities that can be incorporated to suit their requirements. The facilities included an exercise pool with swim jets, a fully fitted sauna, gym facilities and changing rooms. As the range is inspired by the London Olympics, the pools are designed with healthy living in mind, which makes it an ideal design for family life.


As they worked through the details of every design aspect, Origin Leisure’s structural engineers and technical team offered the Burchfields a range of options to meet their requirements. It was also important to the Burchfields to ensure that the pool house fitted with the style of their home, so the interior and exterior finishings were designed with this in mind.
The family found that Origin Leisure was extremely flexible in the planning stages, accommodating the back and forth of ideas as original plans were tweaked and everyone in the family had an input.


Throughout the Burchfields build the entire construction was managed by the same helpful team, which meant that there were only familiar faces on their property. The build
team dealt with everything, right through to liaising with utility companies.


Following the build, Origin Leisure’s After Sales service has helped the Burchfields sustain the quality they expected from their pool house. Any minor snags following completion were dealt with in record time and the team have made monthly visits as part of the service contract. This level of service will be ongoing as Origin Leisure offers routine checks for every season of the year. This includes maintenance support, water health checks and much more.

An Olympic Success

The Burchfield family couldn’t be happier with their Olympic pool house. Its versatility provides the perfect place for all family members to unwind. Whether that be a late night swim, a teenage get-together, a quick game of pool or a place to enjoy a glass of wine! When asked if they were satisfied with their new pool house, the answer was: “very much so. Everyone has been
incredibly helpful, and it has improved family life in ways we didn’t envisage. Origin know their stuff!

HOUSE & GARDEN - June 2016