5 Fantastic Pool House Features

The Seasons of Origin

Home swimming pool design has come a long way since the 1970’s when pool houses were simple pine chalets.

Today, Origin, the UK’s original luxury indoor pool company, designs and builds pools with the same style, quality and finish as a high spec home. Here, it has outlined the five features that are popular among families enhancing their homes with these spectacular builds.

1. Seating Area

The pool house is more than a place to swim for many families. It is an extra living space where you can make memories during the summer months or a place to watch the cold of winter pass by. With this in mind, seating areas, complete with additional appliances such as televisions and sound systems, are now a common feature in many family pool houses.

2. Additional Rooms

It’s an ideal space for entertaining, which often means there is a need for multiple rooms. A changing room always comes in handy and can be built to your requirements. This might include a shower room, toilet or changing facilities. A kitchen or bar area is also popular. They will add entertainment value to any pool house, whilst ensuring you can play the perfect host from the comfort of your pool.

3. Colour Tiles

The tiles lining your pool can change the colour of the water. Brown tiles give the water a soft green appearance which exudes a feeling of luxury when paired with soft cream and beige tiles. Similarly, grey tiles can make the colour of the water appear bluer.

4. Large Format Pool Tiles

Large format tiles offer a modern, sleek and contemporary design. They are cost-effective and cover large expanses of space. Plus, they are easy to clean due to minimal grout joints. This makes them the perfect choice for any homeowner.

5. Feature Wall

A feature wall is a great way to remove a large expanse of plain wall and there are some very creative ways to make an impact using interior design. Choose compelling artwork that is suitable for a pool environment or create an eye-catching pattern on the wall.

HOME & PROPERTY - May 2017