Creating a Home Sanctuary

When Suzanne and Graeme embarked on their search for the perfect home to retire in, they had more than just a dream house in mind. As avid water lovers, they were driven by the desire to have their very own swimming pool after living beside a lake for many years. Suzanne's knee injury had hindered her passion for skiing, but swimming became a vital part of her exercise routine and a way to stay active. However, concerns about health and safety in public pools after a series of illnesses, pushed them towards the idea of building their own pool. A pool of their own would allow her to swim every day in a clean, relaxing and wholesome environment and thus became the number one priority when house hunting.
Eventually, having found a new home with space for an indoor pool with direct access from the house, the couple set about finding a reputable company that could manage the entire project from start to finish, beginning with initial planning permission. After being disappointed by several
local companies, they discovered Origin, a company known for their expertise in managing pool projects seamlessly, who promptly set up a meeting to discuss requirements and visited the house to assess feasibility before the couple made an offer.
“It was essential for us to know that it would be possible to build a pool in the space before we made an offer as this was our main draw to the house. Origin managed the whole planning process and secured initial planning permission, allowing us to move ahead. They were very familiar with the planning process and managed the whole project, taking all of the stress away from us.”

The Journey

With Origin's assistance, the planning and design phase progressed smoothly. Origin's familiarity with the planning process was evident as they secured planning permission quickly, alleviating Suzanne and Graeme's concerns.

“We were keen to start building the pool extension as soon as we bought the house. Origin were very adaptable and performed above expectations, advising on space economising solutions and helping to install the changing room, shower, toilet and sink, in addition to the pool. They were
also happy to work alongside other suppliers and oversaw the installation of wall mirrors that we brought in from an external company. We found the Origin team extremely reliable, personable, knowledgeable and of the highest quality.”
The pool quickly became a focal point of their home, transforming their perception of the house itself. “I didn’t fall in love with the house straight away but the pool really clinched it. Watching how the pool fit in made me see the house in a whole new light. We are particularly impressed with how well the structure blends in with the original house – no one can believe it’s a new extension!”

The Result

Beyond its visual appeal, the pool has become a cozy hideaway for Suzanne and Graeme throughout the day. “As well as swimming every day, we often go to the pool for a glass of wine in the evening. The room is always warm and the roof lantern Origin installed makes it beautiful and relaxing at night.”

The pool has also had a profound impact on Suzanne's knee injury, allowing her to engage in lowimpact exercise every day. It has also become a haven for entertaining friends and family, where swimming and exercise go hand in hand with quality time together.
“I’m able to roll straight out of bed and into the pool so I find myself swimming every day. The frequent, low-impact exercise has really helped with my knee, allowing me to continue skiing. “The pool has also proved great for entertaining. My friends come around frequently and it’s been great to be able to swim and exercise together whilst catching up. Over the school holidays and on weekends, our grandchildren love coming to swim and we get to spend lots of precious time together as a family, relaxing and having fun.”

“We would recommend Origin to anyone. Their commitment to delivering exceptional results, their attention to detail, and their ability to manage the entire project from start to finish makes them the ideal choice for anyone considering building a pool”