A Swimming Pool Fit For A Historical Home

Case study

After restoring the manor to its former glory, the couple set their sights on transforming the garden into a space they could enjoy with their children and grandchildren. The whole family loves to swim and so from the very beginning they identified a corner of the garden that they thought would be the perfect plot for a swimming pool when the time was right.

That time came three years ago when Peter and Christine decided to speak to Origin. A former Town Planner, Peter appreciated that a swimming pool contractor was needed, with the specialist knowhow to complete the engineering work. “I spoke to four swimming pool companies, but the one that was the most constructive and understanding was Origin,” Peter explained. “The Sales Director, Andrew Ginger, impressed me with his attitude and manner.”

Blending With The Surroundings

Incorporating a home swimming pool into the garden in a way that was in keeping with the surroundings was of great importance. Peter and Christine wanted to be sure that the building matched its picturesque backdrop.

“As a Grade II* Listed building within a conservation area, the architectural design was crucial. We wanted it plugged into existing garden walls, with the outside lavatory to become the changing room.”

Due to its high listed status, the swimming pool needed to not only have planning permission, but because it is in a conservation area, the listed building consent was also required.
The building itself was far from a standard model. One side of the swimming pool building was to be made from an existing red brick garden wall. Another wall, previously an outside lavatory, was to be extended to form the changing room. Alongside the architects at Origin, the family was able to design a pool that made full use of the character features that surrounded it, even turning an old chicken run into the plant room.

Powered By The Earth

When the manor house was renovated, the couple had installed a ground source heat pump, which could also be used to heat the swimming pool. The system works through underground collectors, which absorb heat energy from the ground to naturally heat the pool all year round.

The Interior Design

To decide on the size of the swimming pool, Origin took the couple to a project that they had completed nearby. “We needed some educating about the right size for us. Origin gave us good advice and recommended having the pool the same depth throughout, rather than a deep end and a shallow end.”

They chose a rectangular building with a 10 x 4 metre swimming pool and a roll up cover. Bifolding doors along the side of the building let in an abundance of natural light, as do the two gable end windows at either side of the property. These have blinds cleverly built into the double glazing to stop them getting dusty or dirty.

Oatmeal ceramic tiles surround the swimming pool and glass mosaic tiles in a light blue colour for the pool itself. “We wanted a nice light green and blue swimming pool. Andrew from Origin advised us about tiles, which look fab. In the changing room we chose big ceramic tiles in a beige colour for the shower and all the other walls have been finished in a crisp white.”

A Space For The Whole Family

Peter and Christine hoped a swimming pool would have therapeutic benefits and keep them from moving, and they were right! Now complete, the couple use the swimming pool every day. Each month they also have visitors over to enjoy the pool. “We have three grandchildren, three daughters and their partners. They come over every other weekend, sometimes all at once, and whenever they are here they all pile into the pool.”

So are Peter and Christine happy Origin customers? “We are very pleased. The swimming pool is used all the time and is hugely admired”, says Peter.