A True Pool Passion Project

For Sarah Taylor, the vision of having her very own swimming pool was sparked during her holidays in the South of France. She knew that she wanted to incorporate this luxury feature into her future home and so when Sarah relocated to three years ago, she embarked on a mission to find a house with a spacious garden that could accommodate her dream pool.

Sarah's passion for swimming, coupled with her busy work schedule, led her to prioritise having an indoor pool as an extension of her home to ensure she could swim regularly, regardless of the unpredictable UK climate.
“The only exercise I really enjoy is swimming and I often don’t have time to go to the gym because I’m working 12 hour days. So one of the main reasons I wanted a swimming pool was to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I didn’t want to be able to make excuses so the thought of being able to literally roll out of bed, walk through the house and straight into the pool was perfect for me”.

A company that would deliver

Sarah conducted thorough research on various swimming pool companies to find the perfect fit for her project. With the assistance of a Quantity Surveyor (QS), she initiated a tender process, evaluating several potential suppliers against the criteria outlined in the tender documentation.
After careful consideration, Sarah awarded the contract to Origin, confident in their ability to manage the entire project from start to finish. "I work full-time and am often away from home so it was really important that I chose a company who would manage the whole project from start to finish and, more importantly, I needed to believe that I could trust them to do so. I was impressed with what Origin had to offer. They demonstrated a genuine understanding of my needs, I really liked the team and thought we could work well together, which is crucial. Whilst they weren’t necessarily the cheapest, the fact they were able to handle every aspect of the build sold it for me as they offered the most complete value package.”
Once the contract was awarded, Sarah and the Origin team commenced the planning phase. Collaborating closely, they transformed Sarah's vision into a bespoke pool house design that aligned with her preferences. "I wanted the pool house to have a modern aesthetic, differentiating it from a standard garden building. As well as having a good-sized pool to use daily for exercise, it was important that I could also use the space for entertainment. So, I decided I wanted a spa pool and the building needed to be big enough for a bar and a separate shower room. As the building
is south facing, I also decided to install bi-fold doors down the entire side of one wall to let the sun in. I really wanted it to have the wow factor!”

Communication is the key

Effective project management throughout the build was paramount for Sarah as her busy schedule often meant limited interaction with the construction team. As a result, Origin held regular onsite meetings every 3-4 weeks, accommodating Sarah's availability. "These meetings
kept me in the loop, providing updates on the project's progress. While I trusted Origin to handle the build, it was important for me to stay informed." This also allowed for immediate decisionmaking on crucial matters, ensuring smooth progress.

“The face to face meetings also meant that we could look at a whole range of samples, from floor tiles to window frames, so I could be 100% confident that the colours and textures I chose would work perfectly together”.

The result

Sarah's pool house was completed in December, just in time for Christmas festivities. The space became a delightful setting for entertaining, proving a hit with her friends.

"It has truly transformed my daily routine. I now swim every day before heading to work, which leaves me feeling invigorated and rejuvenated. The pool house is a fantastic entertaining space, loved by my friends. We can now relax in the spa pool with a glass of Prosecco, enjoying the view
of the garden. It has truly exceeded my expectations and encompasses the 'wow factor' I desired!”

Sarah couldn't be happier with her pool house, which has seamlessly integrated into her lifestyle, delivering both health benefits and a space for social gatherings. Origin's commitment to realising her vision has resulted in a remarkable indoor pool and an oasis of relaxation and enjoyment.