Swimming Pool Trends For 2021

Swimming Pool Trends For 2021

At Origin, every swimming pool we design and build is unique to the client. We like to learn as much as we can about them and their vision for the space. Who will be using it – adults, children, grandchildren? How will it be used – family fun, entertaining, exercise? Where will it be built - in the garden as a stand alone building or as an extension to the house? As we move forward in 2021 more of our clients are looking to invest more time and resources into creating an enjoyable pool area that provides fun and relaxation away from the day to day routine of the house. We’ve put together a list of some of the most popular trends and ideas to help enhance your pool in 2021.

Spa Features

It seems spas always make the list for swimming pool trends and the same is true this year. The distinction lies in the features and types of spas being incorporated into properties and pools. Spas have always been a popular request, for years customers have wanted spas that were separate from the pool or slightly elevated but one of our favourite design trends is incorporating the spa into the interior of the pool or overlapping the pool. This way you don’t have to go far for some post exercise or fun relaxation!

Unique Finishes

Looks and styles change; pool trends that were once chic can sometimes become dated and tired. However, adding a mosaic finish to your swimming pool can be like adding a piece of art, as it's one of a kind and brings an element of your personality to a swimming pool that will never go out of style.

Smart LED Lighting

Never underestimate the importance of lighting in your pool house. Today, smart LED lighting features and systems are the way to go. These are easy to monitor, efficient to use, and aesthetically far-superior to conventional lights and fixtures. Technology allows you to manage your lighting from a keypad on the wall or your phone or computer. There is are also a range of colour schemes and brightness options available. Smart lighting can be synched with other entertainment or security systems to keep things simple and streamlined too.

Infinity Pools

Another trend emerging for pools in 2021 is infinity-style, seamless pools. Have you seen a swimming pool that appears to never end? Marrying the pool with its natural environment is a trend that can be achieved with seamless pool edging- it is a breathtaking focal point that you truly must see to appreciate. For homeowners who are looking to ‘up’ their swimming pool game, infinity pools are in.


A swimming pool trend to watch in 2021 is the landscaping that surrounds the pool and pool house, many of us lucky enough to have outside space are investing more time into creating our own ‘garden oasis’. Borders, beds, and plants are all viable options to create a natural and aesthetically pleasing space, and if that’s not your thing hardscapes are the answer to your problems. Hardscapes are non-living features, like rock walls, boulders, fountains, or art, all of these create visual appeal but do not require food, water, and vigilant aftercare.

Lagoon Hues

When it comes to pool surfacing and finishes, lighter hues seem to have been the recent popular pick. This year’s pool trend leans away from lighter tones and shifts to dark swimming pool finishes giving the water a ‘lagoon’ type of feel. This is achieved with finishes that are dark blue, green, or even black. As well as providing a tranquil feel to your pool, these darker coloured tiles also absorb more heat, so come summer your water can feel warmer for longer. Additionally, more natural tones are also growing in popularity with stone effect colours providing the perfect backdrop for elegant and understated aqua green/blue shades taking over from the omnipresent blues of last years pools.