An indoor pool for everyone

A brilliantly sociable living situation led Sarah and Anthony White to contact Origin to finally build the swimming pool they had always wanted. The Whites had purchased two neighbouring houses and knocked down the garden barriers between them, it was clear all that was missing from this otherwise ideal set-up was a bespoke pool for them all to enjoy.

The design

Sarah knew all along that an indoor swimming pool would suit their family's wants and needs and called the experts at Origin to manage the project from start to finish. After the first phone call to Origin, a home consultation was organised and the collaboration of ideas began.
“The space looking from our kitchen down between the two additional houses was the ideal spot for a pool. After the phone call in March, Origin came to have a look at the space and from there the whole project got going and by November we had a beautifully finished pool and spa.”

From the first ideas all the way through to the final build, the Whites had the full attention of the experts from Origin. The design experts worked closely with the Whites to create a feasible design which accommodated everyone’s needs, as the pool would be used by various families it was important that the space be multi-functional and serve not just as a pool house but as a social space for fun and relaxation.

“We had regular meetings with the team, and the builders on site were fabulous and kept us informed about every single decision being made. Origin were great with advising on how to incorporate a spa and a long pool and even invited us to look at three of their other pools for inspiration. We experienced the flexibility of the service as they quickly reconfigured the plans to meet our new requests.”
“We love the final design choices, it’s very light inside, with pale walls and light tiles. The aesthetic and natural feel of the building really adds to the sense of calm when you’re in there”

The result

Not only did the White’s housing situation now perfectly suit the project, but the timing also could not have been better.

“We have three children, two of them have recently finished rather stressful exams. The new addition to the garden provides the perfect space for them to relax and have fun with friends every evening. Quite often we look out of the kitchen window and see the lights turned on and the kids having a whale of a time.”
“We’ve already spent so many weekends down here together, enjoying the pool as a family, it’s been absolutely wonderful. The children were back home from university and school over Easter, and the garden was looking fabulous, so they really saw it at its best.”

The new addition is not only perfect for entertaining but for exercise too as both Sarah and Anthony are keen swimmers.

“Whilst my husband wanted a spa, I was keen on a pool long enough to properly swim. Luckily, we now have both and are able to begin every day by swimming thirty lengths followed by a spot of relaxation in the spa.”

The White's garden has been entirely revolutionised. Origin cleared a large area of shrubs and trees in order to create an outdoor space that could be used alongside the indoor swimming pool.

“After the build, we were inspired to contact our  landscaping friend who overhauled the whole area and helped us change it into the space we knew it could be. It’s just brilliant – the garden has been completely transformed into something communal for all the neighbouring friends and family to enjoy.”

Why Origin?

“Origin were brilliant with the after-sales follow-up and we weren't left alone with the responsibility of looking after a new pool with no prior experience. We chose to opt for Origin’s aftercare package, every month an engineer visits to carry out routine maintenance and check pool chemistry levels, it’s the perfect situation for us.”

“Every query we’ve had has been sorted immediately. We had a brief issue with the pool cover and it was sorted out the next morning. You can’t fault Origin’s service and attention to detail.”

“In terms of advice to people looking to buy, I would recommend taking Origin up on their offer for you to see other projects for inspiration. This ensures that the finished product matches if not exceeds, the vision you may already have. Origin has excellent communication, they guided us through every step of the way, which we found most valuable. We couldn’t imagine going through this process without Origin.”