Swimming through September

Case study

As Origin have been building award winning swimming pools for over thirty five years, we’re aware of the amazing ways swimming can benefit your mental and physical health. Swimming is a great way to combat stress as it releases endorphins which give us a sense of wellbeing and happiness as well as releasing ANP, a stress reducing hormone. The science behind swimming lends itself perfectly to reducing stress, it forces us to focus on deep breathing and concentrate on our movements, putting us into a relaxed state. The action of water moving over the body creates a massaging sensation which promotes bodily relaxation and if that wasn’t enough to convince you, swimming also does a great job of stretching and relaxing our skeletal muscles, helping to ease back pain and reduce the swelling of joints.

In terms of physical health, numerous studies that have shown the positive impact that swimming can have on your body; swimmers generally have a lower risk of heart disease and strokes, with the impact of swimming lowering blood pressure and improving lung capacity and breathing.

So why are we telling you this again? The rush of summer is over, we’re back to the grind of everyday life and with that comes inevitable stress and the biggest issue we find, lack of time. Just by taking 20-30 minutes a day in your Origin pool, you can begin to build up strength, reap those benefits and most importantly enjoy yourself.