Stress Awareness Month - Swim The Stress Away

Case study

85% of UK adults experience regular stress, and even though we live fast-paced lives it is still important for us to be able to take some time out whether you’ve got hours or just 30 minutes. Swimming is a great way to combat stress as it releases endorphins which give us a sense of wellbeing and happiness as well as releasing ANP a stress reducing hormone.

Swimming is a fantastic activity to focus your time on, the science behind the activity lends itself perfectly to reducing stress. Swimming forces us to focus on deep breathing and concentrate on our movements, putting us into a relaxed state. The action of water moving over the body creates a massaging sensation which promotes bodily relaxation and if that wasn’t enough to convince you, swimming also does a great job of stretching and relaxing our skeletal muscles, helping to ease back pain and reduce the swelling of joints.

It’s time to swim the stress away, if you’ve already got an origin pool then you know all about the advantages. If you’ve always wanted one but weren’t sure how much you could benefit from owning an origin pool, call Dave Horne on 01895 823366 or email to get the process started.