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Garden Pool

There are many reasons to choose to have an indoor swimming pool, from the benefits of everyday exercise to swimming without restrictions. An indoor pool turns a 90-day outdoor pool swim season into a year-round pool party and guarantees perfect swimming conditions for 365 days a year. An indoor pool is an investment, one that can add value not only to your home but to your health, social and family life too. They open up a whole new world of family fun, relaxation and exercise as well as becoming the new focal point of your home. What do you want to get out of your indoor pool? What is the motivation behind this decision? What type of environment are you hoping to create? At Origin, we prioritise client-led construction. This way, we can provide the best possible result and ensure you get the pool and pool house you’ve been waiting for.

An Origin indoor pool allows you to control everything. You choose the temperature, the style, the lighting, the ambience and of course, when and how you swim. You can have all the mental and physical health benefits of swimming as well as the added luxury of year-round enjoyment plus the privacy of swimming in your home or garden. The idea of an indoor pool presents an opportunity to create a unique interior space for play, exercise and entertainment - whatever you want it to be. The experts at Origin will help you design your dream space and create the right pool house for you and your needs.

Garden Pool
Garden Pool Pool

If you’re concerned about missing out on those outdoor swims during the summer months, bifolding or sliding doors are the perfect solution. They allow you to open up your pool house completely, letting you bring the outdoors in without the hassle and restrictions of an outdoor pool. Having door openings is also a great way to capture the beauty of your garden space and landscaping. Whether you have beautiful, undulating views or just want to open up the space, bifold or sliding doors give you the best of both worlds and a unique backdrop to swim against.

When it comes to swimming pools, Origin does it all. Indoor pools are essentially bodies of water in a controlled, confined environment and as such, have special requirements that must be met to ensure your pool house is not only aesthetically pleasing but functional too. At Origin, we eliminate the need to employ separate companies and manage the whole process for you. We’ve been building award-winning indoor pools for over 40 years, and in that time we have successfully completed plenty of pools and pool houses to a wide range of specifications. Our experts collaborate with our clients on every project we manage, helping them achieve what they’ve always wanted.

With an indoor pool, the possibilities are endless. Wherever your imagination takes you, Origin will lead you there.

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