Finding your best self with Origin

Summer Pool

Origin knows that a swimming pool can not only add value to your home but to your home life as well. Swimming remains one of the most popular activities across the country, with its physical and mental health benefits exceeding expectation. In fact, a recent SwimEngland study found that those who swim regularly felt on average 12 years younger than those that don’t. The movement of water over your body creates a massaging sensation which encourages you to relax, just being in water increases blood flow to the brain, boosting your brain health, releasing endorphins and increasing your overall mood.

For anyone wanting to take the plunge with the ultimate home life improvement, there are some key points to consider.

What are the benefits?

“Health is a state of body, wellness is a state of mind”
Swimming has many benefits, as well as the obvious it improves quality of sleep and reduces symptoms of anxiety and depression. Origin believes owning a pool is about more than the pool itself, by adding a spa, sauna or yoga room your swimming pool and pool house could be a centre of wellness. If you’re looking to increase family time, your pool house could become a new social hub for everyone to enjoy by adding a gym, lounge area or even a bar. Whilst jumping in can seem daunting, making the decision can bring measurable benefits. A new pool from Origin provides new ways of having fun, spending precious time together as a family, even making a staycation more appealing.

Can it be eco friendly?

If you’re concerned about the environmental impact of the pool or simply want to lower running costs, eco models are available. The environmentally responsible range incorporates the very latest building materials for energy efficiency and provides you with a host of options to lessen your carbon footprint. There are plenty of small changes you can make that can have a big impact, many of them saving you money in the future. Whether you want to add an insulated pool cover or air source heat pumps, Origin will work with you to create the pool that you want.

Why Origin?

It’s simple, Origin does it all. Building pools is a specialised field, it’s unlike any other building project and requires a holistic approach with all the key elements working together from the beginning. Origin has all the design and engineering expertise necessary and manage the whole building process process for you, from initial concept, planning and design to completion and beyond, eliminating the need for you to employ separate companies. Access to a pool right on your doorstep means it’s easy to swim everyday in the privacy of your own home, either to maintain a healthy lifestyle or simply as a space to relax. Origin have been building award winning swimming pools for over 40 years and in that time have successfully completed thousands of pools and pool houses to a wide range of specifications. Whether you’re looking for indoor or outdoor, wellness or fun, Origin has experienced it all and are available to help you create your home pool managing every stage from start to finish, giving you the confidence and freedom to enjoy finally swimming in your own home.